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Sizing between different brands

To decide which size you have for a particular sneaker can be quite confusing as the sizing depends on many factors. Many of our customers are asking us about the sizing for a particular model or a particular brand so in this article, we explain what you need to take into consideration in order to decide which size you have for the sneakers you would like to buy. First of all, sizing might differ between certain models of a particular brand. For example, the sizing for Adidas NMD R1 Mesh like the Adidas “Moscow” differ with the sizing for the...

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The Boost Technology of Adidas

The Boost technology was put on the map for most sneakerheads with the Adidas NMD Model but Adidas released the first model with the Boost technology back in 2013 as a running shoe. Yes, Adidas biggest market segment is the running industry.  At that time, the Boost technology was a groundbreaking technological development in the shoe industry and was created by Adidas and its partner BASF, a world leading German chemical company. The midsole of a sneaker was traditionally made of EVA, also known as foam rubber but after years of research, Adidas replaced the midsole with thousands of small...

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